15 NJ Public Adjuster Chat Guidelines

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Policyholders generally resort to hiring a public adjuster for these reasons: a) to record and ease the method of claiming 2) to restore their residence or get their business back to regular operations, and 3) to keep them insulated from the daunting task of participating with often adversarial insurance giants. Although it’s no doubt valuable, hiring a public adjuster includes added burden, especially if the policyholder is to shoulder the price on his own. The additional cost, however, is recompensed by the service the public adjuster supplies. It is through the help of the adjuster that the claimant is able to get the most equitable claim resolution.

A public adjuster is an insurance claims adjuster who represents & fights for the rights of the policy holder of a building insurance policy, appraising the value of the loss and negotiating the settlement in a first-party claim. At the end of the day however, getting everyone on the same page is a large part of what the public insurance adjuster is there to do. “We also help to mitigate damage by boarding up and securing damaged property—making sure that areas are tarped to prevent further water damage, and so on” says Valvano, adding that it’s these types of often-overlooked details that end up saving all parties involved money in the long run.