Notions, Conventions And Shortcuts For Estate Planning Lawyer Irvine

Determining to draw up your will is important both for your own peace of mind in addition to for the other close members of your family. But as any good estate planning attorney Irvine California will tell you, not everything written down by a deceased person before passing away counts as a valid will in the eyes of the law. There are a few conditions that need to be fulfilled by the said will before it can be considered valid and it is these conditions which are discussed below.

All valid wills have to be produced and signed voluntarily by their testaors. The work of the estate planning lawyer who creates the will includes having to ensure that the testaors entirely understand what they are doing and that they are doing so voluntarily. The will shall be considered invalid iuf the testators are pressured or pushed into signing the will or if they do so because they’re being coerced. The duties of the witnesses to the signing of the will include making certain that the testator signs it voluntarily and no one forces or pushes them into will and trust attorney Irvine doing so.

Every will must make particular mention of its own beneficiaries if it is to be considered valid and the estate planning lawyer who draws up the will needs to ensure that these beneficiaries are people who are living and could be reached directly. In addition, the laws also require that the testator must mention the executor of the will as this will be the person who’ll be charged with its execution upon the demise of the testator. In the case that there is no mention of a specific executor, the law makes allowance for one to be made by a court of law.