Driving Under The Influence: Who Can Help You?

Maybe you have seen them in television shows, their Hollywood glory and celebrity status making every viewer gape in amazement. Likewise, these individuals have evoked the same reaction from viewers and netizens alike. This time, it’s due to driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs.

Who’d forget Paris Hilton, Mischa Barton, Nicole Richie, Amanda Bynes, Lindsay Lohan, Justin Bieber, and Mel Gibson – All of whom were arrested for drunk driving?

In other news, BBC reported a guy in Florida to have been charged with felony DUI after he blocked multiple lanes at the AIS Trail Park. Police records also revealed the suspect – Ronny Scott Hicks – had a long history of drunk driving from 1998 until 2003.

In a year, over a million motorists are detained by authorities for driving under the influence of drugs or booze. There are several factors associated with the criminal charges related to DUI, like the convictions of the defendant, his intoxication level, and whether his offense has injured or killed individuals.

States have their own statutes regarding DUI charges and laws covering them. There are still categories for “driving”. For example, bicycling while drunk and boating below the influence of booze and drugs are not same. On the flip side, people generally see the two as one and the same matter since they’re referred to as “bad driving”.

Other components considered in DUI cases are the driving and also the intoxication amounts. In some cases, drunk driving becomes a case of felony when the driver causes misery in an area of action, or when he drives with no permit.

Because DUI charges can result to serious penalties on your part, you will need assistance from skilled and seasoned DUI lawyers to manage your case. In this context, Bentz Holguin Law is the right company to visit.

Jessica Bentz and dUI lawyers Adam Holguin are prepared to help you in case you have been charged with DUI. Holguin’s client-centered strategy helps him keep an open communication between his team and his customers. Holguin makes sure that clients get involved in the whole procedure and that they are educated about everything that takes place in the proceedings.

Jessica Bentz, on the other hand, is the company’s managing lawyer. While she and Holguin both specialize in DUI cases, Bentz additionally handles cases on tax law, bankruptcy, debts, and foreclosure defense. She’s also a specialist in juvenile crimes and has represented Chicago locals in a variety of proceedings.

You’re sure to comprehend your position in the case and how you could defend yourself from the prosecution panel, with these two powerful and knowledgeable DUI lawyers heading Bentz Holguin Law. In Chicago the DUI punishments are as follows: for the first offense, the individual that is charged will be jailed for a year and also would be subjected to a fine of $2500. The driver’s license will also be revoked for a minimum of a single year, together with the demand of an ignition interlock device (IID).

For the 2nd violation, the charged will also be jailed for a year and will also pay a fine of up to $2500. His permit, though, will be suspended for not lower than five years. IID is mandatory.

The last and most serious violation entails that the charged pay a penalty fee of $2500, his license revoked for a decade stay incarcerated for three to seven years, and use an IID in his vehicle.

Such fees differ from state to state. Since DUI may be analyzed in many different manners without proper legal counsel, it might be difficult for you to defend your case. Luckily, Bentz Holguin will be there to help you. This partnership is reputable and dependable. You may be sure you’re in great control.

It’s high time that you give a call to Bentz and Holguin. They make it a point to protect you and your own family and to fight for their clients. Also, they’ll be with you – as you learn the ropes of DUI law and court battles, you will be presented a variety of scenarios.

The Bentz Holguin Law Company also regularly updates their customers with new DUI laws that could be advantageous for all motorists. With Holguin and Bentz, every client will have a fighting chance in his DUI case.