The best way to settle on a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney

Going through a bankruptcy proceeding may sound menacing. On the one hand, you need to address the fact that the weights of your debts are already too much to deal with. You also have to deal with a great deal of pressure since it’s usually an emotional time in anyone’s life. But for those who are in possession of a reliable chapter 7 attorney the entire procedure will likely be more of a relief than a weight. All your non exempt assets will be sold over the course of a liquidation procedure. The proceeds of which will likely be distributed to your creditors.

Note that a chapter 7 bankruptcy process should provide you with a fresh start, not more annoyances to deal with. You will need good legal advice during such times specially if you live in the Tampa, Florida place. It is also in your best interest to get a lawyer who is a Florida local. A local law firm, including 1800DebtRelief, will have more familiar with local proceedings and requirements.

Advantages of Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

The people that get harassed by demanding lenders will immediately benefit from filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy. You understand how these creditors are — they call you at home and they even phone you at work simply to collect money. All that quits when a chapter 7 is filed.

You see, when you file for one, the court puts into effect an automatic stay. That is what puts a stop to all these collections and phone calls. It simply means that all lenders must cease all group actions and when they wish to get another dollar from you then it must first cope with the court.

An experienced chapter 7 lawyer should have the ability to describe this to you too as some other details of this kind of bankruptcy. Your attorney should also be able to tell if you meet the requirements for one. She or he should also be able to help you through the steps which include credit counseling, filing your documents, as well as meetings with you lenders.

Another advantage that you may get out of these proceedings is that you may reconstruct your credit as soon as possible. The filing of all your appropriate files can take up to 3 months. At times it could also reach up to five months. After that, expect your credit scores to go down; however, there are companies that’ll help you reconstruct your credit. There are those who have undergone the procedure and were able to rebuild their credit in about a couple of years.

What to search out for in a Chapter 7 Attorney?

Keep in mind that experience will not immediately equate competence. A bankruptcy attorney might have over 2 decades of expertise but does that translate to great performance? A young attorney who’s fresh out of law school may prove to be a better choice if he is hard working, intelligent, and receives mentoring from seasoned lawyers in the bankruptcy business he is connected with.

What are the Fees?

You need to research the attorney’s fee construction and also the costs that you will incur if you hire them. If you intend to employ an attorney in the Tampa, Florida region then you should first ask around to determine the average fees that businesses charge. After that you can determine if an attorney is charging you too much. Remember that higher costs do not mean you’ll get better legal representation.


Another problem which you have to address is the access to an attorney. Discover how frequently you can communicate with her or him. You also need to see what communication channels the attorney can provide.

Your Legal Knowledge

Your attorney shouldn’t feel intimidated by a client with enough legal knowledge. A good qualified lawyer will be very happy to work with a client that knows and understands the proceedings of a chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Sound Legal Advice

Does your lawyer’s recommendation feel like sensible legal counsel? If what they are advocating does not make sense then you better find someone else.

Malpractice Insurance

Does that lawyer offer malpractice insurance? If not then go find another attorney.

Bottom Line

The bottom line here is to seek out an attorney that you are comfortable with. In the event you’re searching for sensible legal advice, then you’ll find a number of the greatest chapter 7 attorneys in Tampa, Florida through 1800DebtRelief. They provide free bankruptcy evaluation and they could help you get through the entire procedure and provide you with a fresh start in life.