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Car Injuries in Brooklyn and Staten Island Injured Thousands in 2014

Car accidents are one of the leading causes of death in the United States. In the state of New York alone, there was a total of 254,829 motor vehicle crashes that were reported to the police in 2014. The numbers rise to 299,452 including the non-police reported crashes. It is a staggering amount. A total of 1,026 folks were killed in these accidents and 148,620 were injured. There are also thousands of properties which were damaged because of these crashes. It doesn’t matter who crashed to whom, for as long as you were injured in a crash, you’ve the right to seek for compensation. Should you have been hurt in a car accident or had one of your properties damaged, phone an auto accident lawyer immediately

Personal injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents can cause damage not only to your physical state, but more so to your monetary, mental, and emotional status. Many people who are involved in these accidents fail to see the significance of obtaining a lawyer and attempts to settle it with the transgressing party, especially if they consider the harms as non-fatal. Agreeing to the other party’s terms with no lawyer can do you more harm than good. In many instances, those who are injured in car accidents are unfairly compensated, if not neglected by causing deliberate delays in providing the compensation. It’s possible for you to avoid being unjustly treated should you own an auto accident lawyer on your own side. You want a person who’s experienced, has an excellent record, and is willing to assist you from the minute you called until such time that you have completely recovered.

In Brooklyn and Staten Island, New York, the most trusted car accident law firm is Kuharski Levitz Giovinazzo, or more popularly known as KLaw. Each car accident attorney in KLaw represents individuals who are injured in many motor vehicle crashes including:

Pedestrian accidents — The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (NYDMV) recorded 14,408 incidents of pedestrian-related accidents in 2014. In several of these cases, pedestrians who were not even crossing the roads were hit by speeding cars or were accidentally hit as a result of crashes.

DUI injuries — There were a total of 5, 674 people who were injured due to booze-related injuries, and 988 for drug-related crashes. It’s very essential that you understand where you stand when involved in these accidents. Whether you are the one hit, or the one accused of DUI, you’ve got to understand your rights before any court proceedings occur. Get help from an automobile accident attorney from KLaw instantly if you are involved in a DUI crash in Brooklyn or Staten Island.

No-fault car accidents — New York is a no-fault state; that’s, the state follows a legal system regarding car insurance. No-fault means the insurance company doesn’t have to contemplate who is to blame for the accident; they will shoulder medical bills and provide compensation to the injured individual. Should you’ve been in a car crash in Staten Island or Brooklyn, New York, and also your insurance carrier refuses to provide compensation, you may file a lawsuit. Learn more about no-fault accidents from the seasoned car accident lawyers at KLaw.

Distracted driving accidents — Texting or making a call using mobile phones while driving is strictly prohibited on the roads of New York. Mobile technology has contributed so much to the number of automobile accidents that anyone who is caught doing it’ll be immediately sanctioned. In case you have been a casualty of an automobile accident involving a distracted motorist, it’s best to get assistance from an auto accident attorney from Klaw . Kuharski Levitz & Giovinazzo takes pride in understanding how to establish such negligence and has maintained an excellent record in defending wounded people’s rights from those who have neglected driving laws.

If you or somebody you know has been injured in a car accident in Brooklyn or Staten Island, New York, call a seasoned car accident attorney at Kuharski Levitz & Giovinazzo for instant support. The legal process including these accidents can be challenging. It is essential that you understand your rights and all the available options for you. You can reach them at 718 448 1600 or send your queries through their site: http://www.klawnyc.com/brooklyn-car-accident-lawyer/.


Why you ought to Seek the Services of a Truck Accident Lawyer?

In case you have been the victim of a traffic accident involving a truck in Brooklyn, NY, a truck accident lawyer can help you determine liability and find the settlement that you might want to recover in the aftermath. Based on the NHTSA, crashes involving large trucks damage some 95,000 people in 2013; of these, 3,964 people were fatalities. In addition, 71% of those killed and 72% of those injured were in the other vehicles.

The problem with seeking obligation is the fact that even in the event the truck is clearly in the wrong, there are several parties involved which you can pursue damages against, including:

The truck driver – If the trucker was driving recklessly, speeding or was distracted or exhausted, and this resulted in a serious injury, he can be held responsible for any harms or/and fatalities that resulted.

The trucking company – In the event the company implemented policies that show to have contributed to the injury, it may be held responsible. For instance, if they were negligent in training their drivers or if they paid their motorists by the mile, which made the trucker drive too many hours to be able to increase his gains, the business could be brought to account.

The insurance provider – Under the law, a trucking company’s insurance company can be sued directly even in the event the company was carrying the essential minimum coverage.

In addition to these principal parties, there are lots of other third parties who can be found liable, including owners of truck trailer trucks, truck loading companies and makers of truck components that are found to be defective, amongst others.

Generally speaking, nevertheless, it truly is the trucking companies which are held liable for injuries caused by one of their drivers, under the legal principle of “respondent first-class”. According to this principle, an employer is legally accountable for wrongful acts committed by their employees, as long as these were unintentional and were done within the scope of their employment.

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In effect, the organization is as liable as if it had perpetrated the act itself, together with the indebtedness section of its cost of doing business. Moreover, the company is deemed to have greater resources compared with its workers, and is additionally better able to safeguard itself by having sufficient degrees of insurance.

However, trucking companies had sought to prevent liability by distancing themselves from the truckers they employed. They did this by hiring them as “independent contractors”; this means the firm doesn’t possess the truck or other equipment used to haul freight but instead rents it from the owner/operator. Yet, to signal the truck is working for them, the business issues a placard bearing its name and license numbers, which the trucker affixes to the vehicle door.

If the truck gets involved in an injury, the company would thus claim that the motorist isn’t their employee and they’re not liable for any damages. Moreover, in the event the accident was deemed because of defective equipment, they would argue that they’re not responsible for its operation, reviews, repair as well as maintenance. Fortunately, present national law has closed this loophole by deeming that as long as the truck bears its placard, any business with a trucking permit is accountable for all accidents, regardless of what the lease says or the employment status of the motorist (employee or independent contractor).

Have you ever been injured or have you lost a loved one in a truck crash? Kuharski Levitz Giovinazzo is a Brooklyn, NY personal injury law firm. They can assist you to find damages for your anguish by discovering, which party is liable. Additionally, they could also determine and document the causes behind serious accidents including long work shifts and unreasonable schedules, competitive or reckless drivers and failure to inspect equipment for flaws. The law involving truck accident indebtedness can be complex, and you may need a Brooklyn, NY truck injury attorney to guide you through it.

Once a truck was in an injury, truck firms will act vigorously to avoid liability. That is why you need to get in touch with lawyers experienced in truck injuries as soon as possible to safeguard your rights and make certain that signs of culpability is maintained. You can contact Klaw at 1-877-3D-Justice for a free initial consultation or send them a message through their web site.

Do You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

When you have been involved in a vehicular accident, you most likely have a lot of things in your mind. Besides the stress and turmoil, you additionally must cope with injuries, car damages, claims, and other issues. To keep yourself from getting stressed farther, you need to get in touch with a personal injury attorney for assistance. He is able to assist you to process your claims and receive as much compensation as possible.

Loss of property is one of the biggest losses you can have after an injury. Your auto might be badly damaged, for example. With the assistance of your lawyer, you can sort things out more easily and rapidly. You can also guarantee that you get what you truly deserve. Usually, your car insurance provider would pay for your repairs or deem your car or truck a total loss. You’ve got to learn whether your insurance policy covers your repairs.

In case the accident was your fault, you need to reimburse the costs using your own insurance policy. If it is the other party’s fault, you ought to seek payment through their insurance company. If you were involved in a hit and run or you live in a no-fault state, you can seek payment from your insurance provider. Nevertheless, their first claim offers may still not be sufficient to completely insure your replacement or repair prices.

Naturally, your personal injury attorney would also help you in case you get injured and require medical care immediately. Keep in mind you should not delay this because the longer it takes, the harder it becomes for you to show your injuries resulted from the injury. In case you’re not to blame, the liability coverage of the other motorist would cover your medical bills. However, if you are in a no-fault state, you may use your personal injury protection coverage to insure your bills.

In addition, you can obtain payment from uninsured motorist coverage in case you were hit through an underinsured or uninsured driver, as well as medical payments coverage if it is contained in your insurance plan. You can also get payment from your health insurance policy. As you get reimbursement, keep in mind that it’s quite common to get pushback on such expenses.

Most insurance providers try to avoid paying more than necessary, which is why they always verify the validity of claims. To get the compensation that you deserve, you ought to keep all receipts and documentation. Should you still experience any hassle, you can get in touch with your personal injury lawyer for assistance. Personal injury lawyers are experienced. They know exactly the way to cope with insurance providers to get the best resolution amount for their clients.

You can request recommendations from loved ones members and friends, but you could also do a research online. Read reviews about the law firms in your state. As much as really possible, you should choose an attorney or law firm that’s already dealt with cases similar to yours. This way, you may have a high success rate with your claims.

If you’re residing in Brooklyn, NY, you must check out KLaw since they’re on the list of very best law firms in New York. The truth is, they are highly recommended for individuals in need of personal injury assistance. The Law Offices of Kuharski Levitz Giovinazzo are well known for their exceptional services and positive standing. Their law firm is almost interchangeable with prominent personal injury attorneys. They focus on slip and fall, defective goods, medical malpractice, and auto accidents.

Your personal injury lawyer can file a litigation or negotiate a reasonable settlement on your behalf. You can expect him to bring a lot to the table, including a support staff to deal with paperwork, knowledge of legal procedures, and negotiating expertise. Since personal injury lawyers often work on a contingency fee basis, you’ll only be asked to pay should you win your case. Your attorney will take a fair amount from the settlement given to you.

You may think that hiring a attorney isn’t necessary and you can represent yourself. However, you should understand that hiring a professional is worth your time, money, and effort. Having someone who knows the ropes to stand by you can provide you with peace of mind. You will get the highest possible settlement sum. You can also receive compensation for your pains, sufferings, and mental anguish.