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Car Injuries in Brooklyn and Staten Island Injured Thousands in 2014

Car accidents are one of the leading causes of death in the United States. In the state of New York alone, there was a total of 254,829 motor vehicle crashes that were reported to the police in 2014. The numbers rise to 299,452 including the non-police reported crashes. It is a staggering amount. A total of 1,026 folks were killed in these accidents and 148,620 were injured. There are also thousands of properties which were damaged because of these crashes. It doesn’t matter who crashed to whom, for as long as you were injured in a crash, you’ve the right to seek for compensation. Should you have been hurt in a car accident or had one of your properties damaged, phone an auto accident lawyer immediately

Personal injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents can cause damage not only to your physical state, but more so to your monetary, mental, and emotional status. Many people who are involved in these accidents fail to see the significance of obtaining a lawyer and attempts to settle it with the transgressing party, especially if they consider the harms as non-fatal. Agreeing to the other party’s terms with no lawyer can do you more harm than good. In many instances, those who are injured in car accidents are unfairly compensated, if not neglected by causing deliberate delays in providing the compensation. It’s possible for you to avoid being unjustly treated should you own an auto accident lawyer on your own side. You want a person who’s experienced, has an excellent record, and is willing to assist you from the minute you called until such time that you have completely recovered.

In Brooklyn and Staten Island, New York, the most trusted car accident law firm is Kuharski Levitz Giovinazzo, or more popularly known as KLaw. Each car accident attorney in KLaw represents individuals who are injured in many motor vehicle crashes including:

Pedestrian accidents — The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (NYDMV) recorded 14,408 incidents of pedestrian-related accidents in 2014. In several of these cases, pedestrians who were not even crossing the roads were hit by speeding cars or were accidentally hit as a result of crashes.

DUI injuries — There were a total of 5, 674 people who were injured due to booze-related injuries, and 988 for drug-related crashes. It’s very essential that you understand where you stand when involved in these accidents. Whether you are the one hit, or the one accused of DUI, you’ve got to understand your rights before any court proceedings occur. Get help from an automobile accident attorney from KLaw instantly if you are involved in a DUI crash in Brooklyn or Staten Island.

No-fault car accidents — New York is a no-fault state; that’s, the state follows a legal system regarding car insurance. No-fault means the insurance company doesn’t have to contemplate who is to blame for the accident; they will shoulder medical bills and provide compensation to the injured individual. Should you’ve been in a car crash in Staten Island or Brooklyn, New York, and also your insurance carrier refuses to provide compensation, you may file a lawsuit. Learn more about no-fault accidents from the seasoned car accident lawyers at KLaw.

Distracted driving accidents — Texting or making a call using mobile phones while driving is strictly prohibited on the roads of New York. Mobile technology has contributed so much to the number of automobile accidents that anyone who is caught doing it’ll be immediately sanctioned. In case you have been a casualty of an automobile accident involving a distracted motorist, it’s best to get assistance from an auto accident attorney from Klaw . Kuharski Levitz & Giovinazzo takes pride in understanding how to establish such negligence and has maintained an excellent record in defending wounded people’s rights from those who have neglected driving laws.

If you or somebody you know has been injured in a car accident in Brooklyn or Staten Island, New York, call a seasoned car accident attorney at Kuharski Levitz & Giovinazzo for instant support. The legal process including these accidents can be challenging. It is essential that you understand your rights and all the available options for you. You can reach them at 718 448 1600 or send your queries through their site: http://www.klawnyc.com/brooklyn-car-accident-lawyer/.


Tips for Getting an auto Accident Attorney

Motor vehicle related injuries are among the leading causes of death in America. The number of people claiming any form of reimbursement for these episodes has also grown through the years. By law, anyone hurt in an automobile accident has the right to seek for compensation for virtually any loss of life, income, or well-being. If you or if someone you know has been in a car accident in the past week or months, you need to seriously think about getting your own car accident attorney.

The laws surrounding car accidents can be a convoluted legal maze. That is the reason you should carefully choose an auto accident lawyer with the usage of these easy suggestions:

Pick a local-based car accident attorney or law firm.

This makes sense since an automobile accident lawyer will have to be quite knowledgeable on your local legal circuit community as well as how they work. For instance, in case you are in the Dallas, TX region, you can surely rely on Weaver Injury Law Firm who specializes on personal injury law.

Choose a attorney with proven track record and experience.

In any specialized subject, it is always recommended to select individuals whose competence has been demonstrated through time and experience. This philosophy operates nicely in picking car accident lawyers, also. You will need to select representation from folks whose ability is established via the number of years they’ve been doing their individual jobs.

It’s simple to find law firms like this. The Weaver law firm has been defending personal injury cases for the last few years and they’ve gained a powerful credence in the local front.

Choose-on a attorney or law firm who offers personalized service.

Even if you will be entering a client-lawyer relationship in a state of shock and/or panic after only being in a car accident, you need to still set special concern over how a car accident attorney or law firm presents their services to you. Find a lawyer who’ll promise you with personalized legal aid. You would want a attorney who knows your case deep in his own heart even if it’s only some traffic injury suit.

Get a lawyer who’s answers your questions in a non judgmental manner.

Let’s acknowledge it, the law profession is riddled with their jargon that other mere humans would have no clue of. You would wish to select an automobile accident attorney who will clarify the case, what needs to done, as well as the possible outcome/s in layman’s terms. This characteristic is particularly true in recognized auto lawyer attorneys at law firms like Weaver in Dallas, TX. These businesses imbibe a sense of self esteem among their clients; so, cultivating this culture of satisfied clients and work environment for the attorneys themselves.

It’s not only your attorney who has to understand about the case, but it’s also your duty as the accident casualty and complainant to be learned of your own case.

Be skeptical of attorneys who ask for lawyer fees right at the get go.

Practicing law is a occupation. What this means is that attorneys have to get paid for any type of legal assistance that they provide and depending on the law firm, you may be requested to fork out some funds out of your own pocket and pay a representation fee before the business or the lawyer can accept the case.

Nevertheless, there can be another option for anyone lacking in funds. You can consult auto accident lawyers or law firms who offer a “No Upfront Fees” payment version. There are law firms who only get paid when the case is concluded, settled or won. For car accident suits where you are the victim, your case will certainly be won and you will be justly compensated.

First, be sure to ask your lawyer regarding this type of payment scheme as they might offer this choice on a case-to-case basis only and will not commonly advertise this on their official sites.

It pays off to be prepared when disaster hits, particularly if it involves auto mishaps that result to serious injuries. Constantly keep a copy of a trusted law firm’s or car accident lawyer’s business card in your wallet or inside your automobile’s dash, prepared for use when the need arises.

Car Accident Lawyer : Keeping You Safe Wherever You Go

Automobile accidents can occur anytime. However attentive the motorist is or where that person is driving, automobile accidents are inevitable and usually sudden. Particularly in the bustling area of the Bronx, New York City; here, you never could tell when you may enter an automobile accident. The issue is that these injuries can cause you a lot of worries and expenses, and this is where a car accident lawyer comes in handy.

Why You Want A Car Accident Lawyer

In case you enter a car accident, there are a lot of things to be concerned about. One of which but certainly not the least of all is the harm sustained by the people involved. Car accidents can cause harms as simple as small scratches and bruises, to the more serious ones that require hospitalization, or even worse, death. Your insurance may cover parts of or even the whole number needed to insure these medical expenses, but you will still need a car accident lawyer to make you conscious of your legal rights. With the right car accident lawyer, you understand what you can demand for and you will not have to worry about anyone taking advantage of you and your lack of knowledge.

For Casualties of Car Accidents

Victims of car accidents can include the driver, the passengers of the vehicles involved, and yet the pedestrians who were unlucky enough to be within the area. For most of these victims, a car accident lawyer, like the services offered by Greenstein Milbauer , are the only associates they are able to rely on to fight for their rights. Greenstein Milbauer has a long-standing record for successfully helping all kinds of car accident victims in any type of car accident. Their assistance stretches from the injuries and expenses that are caused by the car accident, to handling the court cases and preparing all the documents needed, and even to making certain that you’re handled properly right to the very end.

Most times, car accident sufferers no longer have the time as well as the energy to manage legal requirements that come with vehicular injuries. The end result is the fact that they just need to manage the matter themselves in the best way they understand how, without even knowing about their rightful claims and privileges.

What A Car Accident Lawyer Can Do For You

A car accident lawyer has the appropriate knowledge and experience to get you a nice resolution in the event that you’re ever involved in an automobile accident. If you need help in receiving coverage from your insurance provider, your car accident lawyer will help you so that you get the money quicker. This can help you cover the car repair costs promptly and with minimal hassle in your part.

For medical assistance, car accident victims need not worry about how they’re able to handle all of the processes needed while they are hospitalized or disabled. The car accident lawyer from Greenstein Milbauer will personally go to you so that you no longer have to stress yourself any further.

The best way to Get In Touch With a Car Accident Lawyer

It’s very easy and suitable for anyone to get in touch with a car accident lawyer. Legal experts for example Greenstein Milbauer offer dependable service to the folks of the Bronx, nyc, through various means and mediums. It’s possible for you to get in touch with them via their online chat support, through their local phone numbers, or even through their email address or other social networking accounts. They also have an easily accessible online website that’ll allow you to know more concerning the services they provide. For people who are interested, you might also call them for free legal consultation that’s available at any time of the day, any day of the week.

Local citizens of New York City can be rest assured they have someone to rely on for these legal cases and incidents. The professional lawyers from Greenstein Milbauer will cover your cases and requirements rapidly and correctly so that you get the maximum settlement that you just have earned. Most of all, you don’t have to worry about the best way to fit all the legal requirements into your already active and hectic schedules. You deserve a rest and all the support you’ll be able to get, and at Greenstein Milbauer car accident attorneys will help you every step of the way.

Pros of Developing a Market: The auto Accident Attorney Got it Right!

Whatever profession a person pursues, having sufficient advertising knowledge proves to be advantageous. This hint, however, isn’t about marketing and promotional techniques often invested on by the majority of law firms. Much like with the Art of War, it revolves around proper targeting. One good example is Chrisp Law of San Francisco, California. This firm can provide a wide array of services, but are better known as the car accident lawyer.

Most businesses think that by catering to a broad audience by having no specialty, their chances of hooking a customer becomes equally greater, consequently resulting to higher gains. From personal injury cases to giant corporate lawsuits, they won’t say no. Although this promotion technique had become a tradition of sort to most law firms, there are pitfalls to this type of positioning.


How do attorneys name their firms? Unfortunately, such a serious profession can’t be too creative or witty. Otherwise, folks may take them as a joke. Thus, most settle by using the partners’ surnames and combining them to develop a fairly distinctive and yet typical firm name.

Looking at this from the creators’ standpoint, it fully made sense. If, but the man expressly needing a car accident lawyer is to browse through a listing of law firms in San Francisco, California for instance, it’s going to be hard to distinguish Baker & Kaufman from Brown and Dugan. Which business will better help together with the personal injury case, only experience can tell. It is like going around a farmer’s market and finding two sellers offering the exact same variety of vegetables. The bigger dilemma with law firms is because there aren’t only two of them; there are tons of them to select from.

Now picture whether the name specifically identifies their specialty. Again, utilizing the Law Offices of J. Chrisp as an example, now wisely positioned themselves as car accident and harm lawyers. This specification tells possible clients that J. Chrisp is the law firm now want to find. At the very sight of “car accident”, the name had already differentiated itself from adversaries.

Names do not give meaning to clients (unless the company greatly relies on advertisements), but the service being offered.


Recognition is only the beginning. In advertising, keeping customers is always better than finding new ones. It is more cost efficient, and it provides the business better credibility. And this is not just credibility as a law firm, but as car accident attorneys.

Business owners have to place themselves in the psyche of their clients. Not everybody understands the technicality of the profession. Thus, their decisions won’t be based on the total amount of cases won or the entire worth of dollars earned by their clients. Rather, it will be based on the positive feedback of other people, more so if it came from friends or family.

Imagine, nevertheless, in the event the law firm does have several great feedback, but on different kinds of cases. The potential customer would feel more confused than confident. And it is in this confusion where customers’ll avert his eyes to other options. The possible client is impressed, yes, however he’s simply not quite certain if it’s the law firm he’s seeking.


This really is where the difference in service arises. There’s a reason why law is a practice. The more it’s performed, the better a man gets. And Chrisp Law had the appropriate reasons for choosing a specialty.

Consistently working as an automobile accident lawyer can make a lawyer and just a business more skillful in the area. This makes them more efficient, which translates to faster processing of everything involved in the case. And more importantly, the folks who will likely be involved in the entire procedure are already on their speed dial. Number one could be the San Francisco Police Department, number two could be the insurance provider, and number 3 could be San Francisco General Hospital. These specialized businesses can create whatever document needed in a jiff. And since they and these other parties could already be good pals, the customer has a bigger chance of being allowed larger amounts or eased up on penalties.

Several law firms found success this means, big or little. It doesn’t matter if the company is not as grand as corporate law firms, or as hardcore as criminal law firms. The same as the Offices of J. Chrisp, provided that they stay on being the car accident lawyer of San Francisco, they got themselves a certain grasp on the marketplace.

The benefits of Hiring a great Car Accident Lawyer

A road injury is not simple. It entails a lot of questions that will be challenging to reply in the event you’re not backed up by a superb car accident attorney. Who is at fault? Can you be blamed for somebody else’s fault, simply because the other party has a lawyer and you don’t? In case you sustained serious injuries, who will cover your medical bills? Do you know the types of reimbursement you can recuperate from the accident and whom should you ask about the matter?

Being put in this type of scenario could be vexing, particularly when you are already bombarded with settlement and insurance claims. You’ll only understand that you are receiving what you deserve if you are represented by the best car accident lawyer.

One of your best alternatives when it comes to law firms with great work force that can give you the ideal car accident attorney who will manage your case is Greenstein Milbauer in Queens, New York City. With over 15 years of service, the lawyer have already managed almost all types of road and vehicular accidents and have succeeded in several of these cases.

The great thing about the Greenstein Milbauer in Queens, New York is that they’ll handle your case on a personal level. You may be given an auto accident lawyer who will force you to believe that this isn’t the end of the world.

Many lawyers in the field work on a contingent fee basis. It follows that the car accident attorney is only going to get paid if the settlement was successful. It is clear for lots of folks to get intimidated when they hear the word, attorney. They feel even more intimidated when they have to approach a known law firm, such as the Greenstein Milbauer in Queens, New York City.

To help in making things clearer, here’s a look at the kinds of fees that are usually given to a car accident lawyer. It’ll be dependent on what you have agreed on or what the law firm has imposed. It’s best that you talk to them first before deciding to pursue your claims and settlement by yourself.

Eventuality – This means that should you win the case, your car accident attorney will take a specific percentage from the total amount which you will get as a resolution from the insurance provider. The percentage ranges from 33 to 40 percent. You should request your attorney about this, along with the other expenses, upon first consultation.

Retainer – The fee you will pay is put in a written agreement and is paid upfront. The arrangement typically entails the car accident lawyer professional fee, agreement from the other party, schedule of payment and explanation of all of the expenses.

Hourly – You need to only consent to this sort of deal in the event you are given an auto accident lawyer who is known to work with his or her cases quickly and easily. Upon consultation, request the lawyer for the estimated time which will be allotted before your case gets resolved.

There are other fees you might have to shoulder when you’re involved in a road mishap. A superb car accident attorney from the Greenstein Milbauer in Queens, New York City may consent to take the fees out of the amount you will receive as a resolution. You might also pick to pay the fees as these appear. These fees include postage and filing fees, the expenses of getting eye witnesses and investigators, displays of trials as well as the preparation of documents that are needed in court.

The Greenstein Milbauer law firm in Queens, New York has the right experts to help you get justice and get the settlement that you simply have earned. It’s a team of top-notch personal injury lawyers who will help you from the start to ending. Your car accident lawyer will manage all elements of your own case, from filing all necessary paperwork, to processing your claims and litigation.

All professionals from the Greenstein Milbauer law firm in Queens, New York City are compassionate. Your lawyer comprehend what you are going through and they would all need to assist you succeed in your case. The car accident will come to you if you aren’t able to go to their office and they’ll simply get fees once you’re duly compensated.