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Being charged with a crime, whether you think you are innocent or not, is always a daunting, and nerve-racking encounter. A drinking and driving charge, or DUI, is particularly daunting because some of your personal rights and privileges can immediately be frozen, and oftentimes, revoked. Anyone suspected of DUI may also be immediately arrested, and sent to jail, pending a formal hearing in front of a judicial officer. A first arrest in Philadelphia, PA, is also notably confusing, because there is a particular set of procedures, and even sanctions that can be put into motion immediately. Pennsylvania laws regarding DUI are especially complex, and will require competent guidance from an experienced DUI attorney such as Young, Marr & Associates.

The penalties associated with a DUI conviction can have far-reaching effects on someone else’s finances, career, prospects for future employment, and lifestyle. Pennsylvania has decreased the blood alcohol threshold for drunk driving, from .10 to .08, and raised the punishments associated with a conviction. Besides these punishments, the state has made booze treatment portion of the punishment for drinking and driving charges. The minimum fee for a first-time conviction is a $300 fine, and also a probation period of at least six months will undoubtedly be inflicted. In addition, the wrongdoer will undergo a mandated Court Reporting Network, or CRN, evaluation to ascertain if a broader, and much more detailed substance and alcohol assessment will probably be mandatory.

If you’re a first-time offender, additionally, you will be asked to attend, at your price, a 12.5 hour, Alcohol Highway Safety School category of AHSS, which provides information on the effects of alcohol on a driver’s judgement and ability to drive safely; as well as the basics of alcoholism, drug addiction, and highway driving.

Even if you are a first-time offender, punishments will increase correspondingly if your blood alcohol content is greater compared to the minimal threshold, and whether damages, injuries, or death resulted from your damage while you were driving. When you have a second or multiple DUI convictions, the punishments could be more wide ranging and acute. At your expense, you may be asked to install an ignition interlock system on your own automobile, and have it functional for a year. Community service can also be ordered, jointly with treatment, and alcohol abuse screening. Your permit to drive may also be suspended or revoked, and worse of all, you may even face incarceration. With this multitude of potential sanctions, it is vital that you simply retain an experienced criminal attorney in Philadelphia, PA, to handle your case, in order you could get a proper assessment of any penalties which you may be facing.

Many folks charged with a DUI for the first time make the mistake of instantaneously pleading guilty to any DUI charge, trusting that the procedure can be simplified, have the charges reduced, or even dismissed. This really is normally not the case. You must comprehend your rights before proceeding with engaging yourself in the legal process, and you ought not be permitted to be talked into, or forced into, a seemingly rapid resolution of your own case. A DUI lawyer with extensive expertise in Pennsylvania will help direct you in getting through the process. If you are a first-time offender, a competent DUI attorney may also qualify you to be in one of Pennsylvania’s “first offender systems’. This could result in your DUI charge being dismissed, for example, expungement of your DUI arrest record.

Remember that being charged with a DUI doesn’t always mean you are guilty. You need to ensure the professional services of a capable DUI lawyer in Philadelphia, PA, for example Young, Marr, and Associates, that can cause you to comprehend, and know, the difference. You are always entitled to the most effective defense possible when you are accused of a crime, that only an experienced and competent criminal lawyer can offer.

If you, or somebody you know, has been charged with a DUI, contact Young, Marr, and Associates now for a free, confidential consultation to investigate what options are available for you and also your family, to help you resolve your legal issues. We’ll listen carefully to your needs and concerns, while we give you the competent, professional, and personalized service that you just have earned.