Car Injuries in Brooklyn and Staten Island Injured Thousands in 2014

Car accidents are one of the leading causes of death in the United States. In the state of New York alone, there was a total of 254,829 motor vehicle crashes that were reported to the police in 2014. The numbers rise to 299,452 including the non-police reported crashes. It is a staggering amount. A total of 1,026 folks were killed in these accidents and 148,620 were injured. There are also thousands of properties which were damaged because of these crashes. It doesn’t matter who crashed to whom, for as long as you were injured in a crash, you’ve the right to seek for compensation. Should you have been hurt in a car accident or had one of your properties damaged, phone an auto accident lawyer immediately

Personal injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents can cause damage not only to your physical state, but more so to your monetary, mental, and emotional status. Many people who are involved in these accidents fail to see the significance of obtaining a lawyer and attempts to settle it with the transgressing party, especially if they consider the harms as non-fatal. Agreeing to the other party’s terms with no lawyer can do you more harm than good. In many instances, those who are injured in car accidents are unfairly compensated, if not neglected by causing deliberate delays in providing the compensation. It’s possible for you to avoid being unjustly treated should you own an auto accident lawyer on your own side. You want a person who’s experienced, has an excellent record, and is willing to assist you from the minute you called until such time that you have completely recovered.

In Brooklyn and Staten Island, New York, the most trusted car accident law firm is Kuharski Levitz Giovinazzo, or more popularly known as KLaw. Each car accident attorney in KLaw represents individuals who are injured in many motor vehicle crashes including:

Pedestrian accidents — The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (NYDMV) recorded 14,408 incidents of pedestrian-related accidents in 2014. In several of these cases, pedestrians who were not even crossing the roads were hit by speeding cars or were accidentally hit as a result of crashes.

DUI injuries — There were a total of 5, 674 people who were injured due to booze-related injuries, and 988 for drug-related crashes. It’s very essential that you understand where you stand when involved in these accidents. Whether you are the one hit, or the one accused of DUI, you’ve got to understand your rights before any court proceedings occur. Get help from an automobile accident attorney from KLaw instantly if you are involved in a DUI crash in Brooklyn or Staten Island.

No-fault car accidents — New York is a no-fault state; that’s, the state follows a legal system regarding car insurance. No-fault means the insurance company doesn’t have to contemplate who is to blame for the accident; they will shoulder medical bills and provide compensation to the injured individual. Should you’ve been in a car crash in Staten Island or Brooklyn, New York, and also your insurance carrier refuses to provide compensation, you may file a lawsuit. Learn more about no-fault accidents from the seasoned car accident lawyers at KLaw.

Distracted driving accidents — Texting or making a call using mobile phones while driving is strictly prohibited on the roads of New York. Mobile technology has contributed so much to the number of automobile accidents that anyone who is caught doing it’ll be immediately sanctioned. In case you have been a casualty of an automobile accident involving a distracted motorist, it’s best to get assistance from an auto accident attorney from Klaw . Kuharski Levitz & Giovinazzo takes pride in understanding how to establish such negligence and has maintained an excellent record in defending wounded people’s rights from those who have neglected driving laws.

If you or somebody you know has been injured in a car accident in Brooklyn or Staten Island, New York, call a seasoned car accident attorney at Kuharski Levitz & Giovinazzo for instant support. The legal process including these accidents can be challenging. It is essential that you understand your rights and all the available options for you. You can reach them at 718 448 1600 or send your queries through their site: